Speaking your voice and reaching out to your elected representatives seemingly could not be any easier than it is right now. Resistbot is a wonderful tool that allows you to painlessly communicate your thoughts, wishes, complaints, congratulations, anything you care to impart, to your elected representatives as well as other institutions, and it also keeps you informed of other important things you might want to know about as a responsible, conscientious citizen of the United States of America.

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Study: US is an oligarchy, not a democracy – BBC News

What in the World: A new report finds that an elite few dominate US policy….

Source: Study: US is an oligarchy, not a democracy – BBC News



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Fact check: Gov. Phil Bryant’s 2019 State of the State address | Mississippi Today

Headline . . . ! “Outgoing witless southern governor tells gargantuan lies in order to justify and mask the vast and profound poverty, austerity, neglect, and foundational collapse and decay that continues unmitigated despite research, evidence, and proven solutions!”

Why do people mistake Cicadas for Locusts?

From the time I was a very young child, I can remember people referring to Cicadas as Locusts. In fact, I’d say that in my experience, half of all people that I have heard speaking about Cicadas refer to them as Locusts. Maybe more. But Locusts and Cicadas do not look anything alike! In fact, they couldnt look much different. A locust basically looks like a large Grasshopper, while a Cicada looks kind of like a giant housefly! Here’s the Wikipedia page on Cicadas, with pictures of a few

Source: Why do people mistake Cicadas for Locusts?

Thanks to this guy!!!  Man.  I was reading yet another mention of locusts when the writer surely intended cicadas instead and I just had to look around the Web to decipher this ridiculousness.  And I did!!!

Thank you, open Web!

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