Two US soldiers sentenced in killing of Iraqi interpreter

Try and find details on this case from an American news source. I couldn’t. Stupid GIs. They are so stupid that they killed a woman when they were just trying to humiliate, terrify and degrade her. Oops.

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2 replies on “Two US soldiers sentenced in killing of Iraqi interpreter”

Man. Thanks for the link. I knew I should have looked at the Post. 🙂

I got a much different impression of the story after reading the Post article, of course. My own prejudice filled in the details of the first story, leading me to say “humiliate, terrify and degrade her”. My bad. I guess I just assumed that in order to put a gun to someone’s head and pull the trigger you would have to have both little respect for that person as well as some kind of animosity. Maybe not. Still stupid, though.

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