Daily Kos :: I was escorted from a pro-republican townhall meeting.

This country sucks. At least, it isn’t a free country. Can you imagine how impossible it would be for Bush Idiot to tolerate hecklers at his inauguration? It’s as impossible as it would be wonderful if he did. That would show we have a free society that is strong enough to tolerate dissent. The problem is, this country is based on preconceptions, the ignorance of the people — it’s a house of cards. To tolerate dissent is to risk the destruction of the status quo which is a big sham and cannot survive the light of day (which is truth). If someone is considered to be a troublemaker when they ask someone an important question that implies the liar he’s talking to is in fact a liar then we have no hope. If you can’t call something for what it is then why bother with any of this shit. Keep the space shuttle down here, the fools don’t want to go anywhere but back to the swamp.

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