The Buzz Report: Five reasons social networking doesn’t work –

The word on the street lately is that social networking is in trouble. Friendster’s CEO, Scott Sassa (most famous for firing a blogger who wrote about the company) recently departed in the face of a rapidly dwindling user base. Friendster has also introduced its own for-pay blogging tool as an all-too-ironic money-making scheme. Business networking site LinkedIn started charging for its job listings.

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  1. I keep inviting people to Orkut and no one accepts my invitations!!!! WTF!

    If you want to be my best friend in the whole world please let me know and I’ll invite you.

  2. Orkut is just too oriented towards dating, HourBack, so it isn’t comfortable for married people :p, don’t take it personally! If you do, go back under you bridge and read FAQs, you coder! Hate! Hate! Haight!

  3. I hate you so much I can’t believe it myself! I’m quaking in my boots! are you???

    I will not take it personally. I will take it agressively, though.

    FAQ off, coding troll!

    Sike, SIKE! 5i|<31111

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