Slashdot | Folksonomies In and Flickr

Posted by timothy on Tuesday January 04, @08:52AM

from the power-to-the-personages dept. writes “Lots of discussion going on about ‘folksonomies’ — bottom-up taxonomies that people create on their own — as used in and Flickr: Adam Mathes has a thesis on Folksonomies; IFTF’s Future Now makes a point about problems with folksonomies: no synonym control ( “mac” and “macintosh” on; no hierarchy and content types; and only simple one-word tags. Joho the Blog notices a discussion about what to call it in Mob indexing? Folk categorization? Social tagging?, and John Battelle links into Taggle and “federated tagging”. I wonder if a Google Suggest like system might reduce ‘lazy tagging’ ,and maybe synonym control when the federation appears. Tag, you’re it!”

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