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So, I’ve been using for a while, here and there, and have been pretty happy with it. I loved the concept, though.

I read an article a couple weeks ago about Pandora and have been using it this week. I like it, too!

If you like Internet radio you should try these out.

Additionally, there’s PandoraFM. It integrates Pandora with a key feature found on, which is tracking the music you listen to in order to find other music you might like. Usually you would use a plug-in for your favorite music player (winamp|amarok) to submit this data to when you play music on your computer. PandoraFM submits to the music you listen to on Pandora. Yay, efficiency!

Don’t take my word on any of this crap. I wanted to say stuff like Audioscrobbler, aggregation, AJAX, Web 2.0 but I’ll leave that up to people who blog for a living.

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