– Adult DVD Rentals – Adult DVD Rentals: “Are there any places you won’t ship to?

Yes, but just a few. We ship to United States addresses and their territories. Due to community standards regarding obscenity, there are some shipping restrictions on certain areas of the country. If you are receiving a message after you add an address stating that the address is not available, this may be the reason. These restrictions are as follows:

Entire states that we WILL NOT ship to:


Zip codes that we WILL NOT ship to:

Region Zip Code Ranges
Florida 32300 thru 32399, 32500 thru 32599
Oklahoma City, OK 73100 thru 73199
Newport News, VA 23600 thru 23699
Fairview Heights, IL 62208
Belleville, IL 62220, 62221, 62222, 62223, 62226
Southern, OH 45000 thru 45999
Mississippi 38600 thru 39799
Utah 84000 thru 84199, 84300 thru 84799
Montana 59100 thru 59199
North Carolina 28200 thru 28299″

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