Will you vote for Bernie Sanders in DFA’s endorsement poll?


I just cast my vote in Democracy for America’s Democratic presidential primary endorsement poll for Bernie Sanders — and I would love it if you would show your support by voting for him, too:

DFA will only endorse in this presidential primary if there is overwhelming support for one candidate from their nationwide membership. In order to win, a candidate must reach the super-majority threshold of 67% (two-thirds of votes cast, or 66.67% to be technical about it).

If DFA endorses, they plan to hit the ground running, devoting real resources — people, time and money — to helping the winning candidate capture the nomination.

This endorsement would be a huge boon to Bernie Sanders and all of his supporters — but we’re not going to get it if we don’t Get Out The Vote! Please cast your vote now — then share this poll with your like-minded friends and family. DEADLINE: 11:59pm ET on Tuesday, December 15:

Thanks for casting your vote!

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