Ryan: Don’t put another ‘progressive’ in the White House | TheHill

Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) spelled out the stakes of the 2016 presidential race on Wednesday, warning that electing another “progressive” would boost the national debt and doom Social Security and other entitlement progra

Source: Ryan: Don’t put another ‘progressive’ in the White House | TheHill

This spells out exactly how stupid Paul Ryan, if he were to be honest, and his audience are.  Even merely the definition of words are unimportant to them.  The language we hopefully use to communicate to each other is useless.  There isn’t only a lack of political common ground, but also the lack of common ground in the means we use to communicate ideas and argue.  Without the ability to honestly communicate with each other, without spin, without Frank Luntz, without pundits, without talking points meant only to confuse and manipulate, the idea that we have a civic arena in which voters themselves can make reasoned, educated decisions about important issues and then elect appropriate representatives is folly.

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