Bill Clinton skewers Bernie Sanders in New Hampshire

Source: Bill Clinton skewers Bernie Sanders in New Hampshire

NO ONE does what they WANT TO DO when they are elected president of the United States.  Obviously, they are prevented from enacting many, many changes that they and their constituents would like to see occur due to the various balances of power.

HOWEVER, it is very important to note that the rhetoric a candidate and a sitting president uses is extremely meaningful in opening up and illuminating civic discourse, if there is any to be had, on important issues.  Since neither Hillary Clinton nor Bernie Sanders would be permitted by the lunatics who run the stupifyingly gerrymandered House of Representatives and the unfortunately similarly infected Senate to do all their constituents (and Bernie himself, I’m confident) would like to do, what’s left are the candidate’s and president’s words, their sincerity, their integrity, their honor, and their character.  (Normally, I despise the ways in which public idiots bandy about those terms.  But I think it’s extremely appropriate in this case.)  Anyone with eyeballs and hearing who can discern even the mildest irony in popular culture can see with perfect clarity that Bernie Sanders completely beats Hillary Clinton in the no-spin, integrity, and sincerity departments.

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