Video of Bill Clinton attempting to get a word in edgewise after being ambushed at a campaign event

Source: VIDEO: Bill Clinton snaps at veteran during speech: ‘Shut up and listen to my answer’ | The American Mirror

Ugh.  The good part is that these people were booed at an event that took place in South Carolina.  So, good job, South Carolina!  The bad part is that this is what passes for public discourse.  You have the chance to address a grievance with a former president of the United States and that’s what you do with it?  It’s not even performance art.  It’s the verbal equivalent of a messy, scattershot, first-time drive-by shooting.

And the title of the source article is extremely misleading: “Bill Clinton snaps at veteran during speech. . . .”  That’s about 1% of what happened in that clip and it’s by far the most excusable and justifiable part.

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