The U.S. government broke 11 million websites

Hey, this affects you. A newly revealed security flaw is compromising the security of more than 11 million websites, including major ones like Yahoo, Weibo, and MediaFire. [1]

It’s called SSL DROWN, and hackers can easily use it to break in and steal your passwords, credit card information, and other private data in a matter of hours.

But here’s the kicker: this security flaw was created by the U.S. government.

Back in the 90s the NSA deliberately weakened three types of encryption, essentially giving themselves a backdoor to monitor people’s communications. Now, those backdoors are being exploited and it’s putting millions of peoples’ sensitive information at risk. [2]

This is why the FBI’s current attempt to force Apple to install a backdoor into the iPhone is so dangerous. This isn’t just about our privacy. There’s so much more at stake.

We’re planning a massive online campaign to cut through the fear and misinformation and educate the public about the dangers of backdoors. It’s a pivotal moment and we need everyone who is with us to help fund this fight. Can you chip in $5 to make this critical effort possible?

Yes! I’ll chip in $5 to fight dangerous backdoors in security.

Security and technology experts have been sounding the alarm about the serious risks associated with backdoors for years. But the government refuses to listen.

Last week, Fight for the Future members organized nearly 50 protests around the world to fight the FBI’s misguided attack on encryption, and we dominated the media cycle for an entire week.

You had a huge impact, which was obvious during this week’s Congressional hearing on encryption, where lawmakers from both parties made it clear they aren’t buying the FBI’s arguments. [3]

But we all know that Congressional rhetoric doesn’t mean they won’t eventually cave in to pressure from intelligence agencies and defense industry lobbying dollars.

To avert this disaster we need to mount a massive online education campaign to dramatically shift public opinion and make sure that everyone knows that encryption backdoors in any form will make all of us less safe, not more safe.

We’re planning a huge online action, like the ones we’ve organized before against SOPA and CISA, to put an end to the terrible idea of government backdoors once and for all.

Click here to chip in $5 to keep yourself and your family secure.

Major web companies like Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Amazon have already come out in opposition to the FBI’s latest attack on security and civil liberties.

But unless we turn those words into action, we risk losing in a way that would set a terrible precedent for the future of our digital security and public safety.

Encryption is what protects our hospitals, power plants, airports, and water treatment facilities. Just last week it was proven that cyber attackers were behind a massive power outage in Ukraine. [4] So this isn’t just about our rights, it’s about the safety of our families.

This might be the most important fight we’ve ever taken on. But it’s not a particularly “sexy” fight that will be easy to find funding for. We’re counting on people like you who understand what’s at stake to make this possible. Will you chip in?

Yes, I’ll chip in $5 to fund the fight against backdoors that put lives at risk.

We’re already in the process of building the tools for this campaign. All we need is your support to take it to the next level. Thanks so much for all that you do. The Internet is a better place thanks to you.

For the future,
-Evan at FFTF

P.S. We’re sending this email to nearly 1 million people, but not everyone will be able to donate. If you can afford to chip in the equivalent of a sandwich or a decent beer, please do: click here to donate.

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