VIDEO: Will that be cash or Super PAC?

Dear MoveOn member,

On Monday, the Sanders campaign posted a jaw-dropping $42 million fundraising total for the month of February—coming from impassioned small-dollar supporters in every state.

On Tuesday, Bernie Sanders won four more states—including the swing state of Colorado—and huge numbers of delegates across the country.

And polls show Bernie ahead or neck-and-neck in many of the key primary and caucus states coming over the next few weeks.

Millions of Americans—and countless MoveOn members who have been volunteering, donating, and showing up to vote—are "feeling the Bern."

You know who else is feeling the Bern? Gaby Hoffman, actress and star of the hit TV show "Transparent," who just made this video with MoveOn to share her feelings on Big Money, the Supreme Court, and Bernie Sanders.

Will you watch and share this video with your friends?

The Republican Party is doing everything in its power to prevent President Obama from appointing a new Supreme Court Justice. And throughout this primary season, we’re reminded again and again how Republicans are representing the interests of corporations and billionaires. We need someone who will take on this rigged system and help Americans reclaim our democracy.

Watch and share this video from "Transparent" star Gabby Hoffman and MoveOn—and keep the campaign season flames "Berning" bright.

Thanks you for all you do.

—Ben O., Corinne, Josh, Rivkah, and the rest of the team


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