Hillary Clinton lying for 13 minutes straight. – YouTube

I won’t attempt to give an encyclopedic description of all of the aspects of propaganda, rhetoric, etc.  I will just say a few things that seem most critical for people to think about right now.

First of all, I don’t even think it’s worth attempting to convince anyone that Hillary Clinton is actually lying.  That is almost secondary.  The fact is, what she says on a regular basis is inconsistent with facts.  Whether or not she does it deliberately, she does it.  And she seems to do it voluntarily and enthusiastically.  It is probably better left to psychiatrists, behavioral scientists, etc., to venture a verdict as to whether or not she is knowingly lying.

Second, having said that, do we honestly want to elect, do we honestly think all we deserve is a person whose words can virtually be disregarded as meaningless, to be regarded with suspicion and doubt?

Third, there is a system in place that excuses if not facilitates, encourages, and teaches this behavior.  There is a network that serves to perpetuate this extreme disregard for fact, truth, and earnestness.  Given the developments in media due to Internet technologies, I think there’s reason to think this network is either disintegrating or being rendered less effective, but that someone who exemplifies this pathological dishonesty is currently the leading presidential candidate from one of America’s two (major) political parties is still disconcerting.  It is critically important that we completely dismantle this network, most effectively by simply choosing a better alternative.

Fourth, the good news is such an alternative is staring at us right in the face!!!  We don’t need to wait another election cycle or a decade or three for a meaningful alternative.  We have the good fortune of being here during this presidential cycle when the political establishment of both parties has failed the American electorate to such a degree that both Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump have captured the imagination of many, many people who might otherwise have remained feeling excluded and powerless.

Fifth, Bernie Sanders is clearly the most ethical, honorable, honest, principled, moral person left running in this election.  Again, I will refrain from attempting to give an encyclopedic explanation for my reasoning.  Rather, I would encourage anyone interested in fixing some of the problems described in this post to read about Bernie Sanders and what he says consistently, honestly, and clearly, with conviction, compassion, and sincerity:



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