Police Choosing to Shoot People

I feel very strongly that people should NOT be vindictive, acting out of emotion when making judgments and punishments.  However, there does seem to be a need for feeling, whether emotionally or intellectually, that justice has been served.  And that is a very high-minded definition of justice, not something twisted and perverse like “street justice” or something completely *outside of* law and ethical behavior.

In the case of this de facto policy of some police departments to shoot people when they choose to do so, regardless of any actual life-threatening situation, I do not believe there needs to be blood drawn in all cases.  However, these severe outcomes seem to require a severe response on the part of law and the state.  Even if no police officers were to be found guilty of a felony in how they chose to act, *someone* or *something* needs A) to be held accountable and declared guilty of failure, and B) to face some kind of significant negative consequence itself.  These do not seem to be happening.

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