It’s All About Money

I was reading about the NRA. The article described the behavior of the NRA and its motivations. It *sounds* like the NRA is looking out for gun owners. It *sounds* like the NRA is preserving culture. It sounds like lots of romanticized if utterly objectionable things. But really it comes down to money.

The policies pushed forward by the NRA only serve to make it easier for people to buy guns, own lots of guns, get them as easily and quickly as possible. That has one aim: to create profit for gun manufacturers.

The greatest ills of this country are perpetuated by greed for more profit. Period. That’s it. Nothing else needs to be said. That’s what led Europeans to North America to vanquish and decimate its native inhabitants. That’s what created the abominable institution of slavery. That’s what created this destructive gun culture. That’s what perpetuates this backwards approach to moving people around from one place to another. It’s entirely profit-driven. It is masked by literally anything else that can be scrounged up to create a mask even if it isn’t entirely pleasant. How attractive it is doesn’t matter. All that matters is to conceal the one lever in the back of the plant which is hammering out the coins. That’s it. And everything in the news by which we awake to be saddened is rooted in the pursuit of boundless, infinite profit.

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