The Deadly Truth About Trump’s Assault on Breastfeeding

The failure to understand that all of these things are the result of how we choose to arrange our society rather than a particular political party or the result of an election will only serve to perpetuate them and delay their remediation. 🙂🕊️❤️🌍🌌

Food for Thought
July 15, 2018
Food for Thought

The Deadly Truth About Trump’s Assault on Breastfeeding

Aggressive formula marketing kills HOW many babies a year!? (Mother Jones)

Gutting fish protections. House Republicans just voted to weaken rules loved by fishermen and environmentalists alike. (Mother Jones)

Better than food stamps. One economist argues for a less complicated fix for hunger. (Mother Jones)

Recovery kitchen. A restaurant takes on the opioid crisis. (New York Times)

Fresh no more. Thousands of food stamp recipients may soon lose their access to farmer’s markets. (Washington Post)

The best Mexican food in California’s Central Valley. (Eater)


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New From Bite Podcast

bite_logo_name.png “In the United States, we choose—I like to use the word choose—to let a huge number of people remain in very deep poverty,” says economist Annie Lowrey, author of the new book Give People Money. There’s a simple solution for this.

Hear it on Bite, episode 62:
"Just Give People Money"

What’s Cooking

Call it the easiest crowd-pleaser since chips and guacamole.

On a recent trip to Oaxaca, Mexico, temperatures reached into the nineties. During a visit to a cooking school, I was served a tall glass of agua fresca. These popular drinks of fresh fruit and water often strike me as too sweet, but this one really hit the spot: Pineapple and lime kept things tart and interesting, while the cool cucumber and mint swooped in with respite for the scorching temperatures.

I made my own in a blender when I returned home, using bottled pineapple juice, and discovered how delightful this drinkis when doubling as a cocktail mixer.—Maddie Oatman

Agua Fresca de Piña

Serves 4

1 cucumber
The juice of two limes
2 cups pineapple juice
Half a bunch of mint

Combine everything into a blender with one cup of water. Add more lime, mint, or juice to taste. Serve over ice, and with a shot and a half of mezcal or tequila per glass if you dare.

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