What we need is foundational change so that such important things are not at the mercy of one or two election cycles. What we have now is a system that allows a political party to run in, completely fuck things up, and then the other team tries to come in and do their thing while they have the chance. . . . This is not a thoughtful way to govern a society.

We need to have a society whose government is guided by principles, shared understandings, shared mythology, shared hopes and dreams. Without a common set of beliefs we are nothing as a nation. The Constitution of the United States lays out such modest, noble, common beliefs but it is treated with such disrespect by those who would use it opportunistically, only in ways that suit their needs, rather than being updated, enhanced, developed, grown, tended to, nurtured, and respected.

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By hourback

I'm a father, musical, philosophical, virtually vegan, ethical, trying to be present and mindful.

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