Why do people mistake Cicadas for Locusts?

From the time I was a very young child, I can remember people referring to Cicadas as Locusts. In fact, I’d say that in my experience, half of all people that I have heard speaking about Cicadas refer to them as Locusts. Maybe more. But Locusts and Cicadas do not look anything alike! In fact, they couldnt look much different. A locust basically looks like a large Grasshopper, while a Cicada looks kind of like a giant housefly! Here’s the Wikipedia page on Cicadas, with pictures of a few

Source: Why do people mistake Cicadas for Locusts?

Thanks to this guy!!!  Man.  I was reading yet another mention of locusts when the writer surely intended cicadas instead and I just had to look around the Web to decipher this ridiculousness.  And I did!!!

Thank you, open Web!

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