‘Ah, Yes,’ Says Ocasio-Cortez of Trump After Jab at Green New Deal, ‘A Man Who Can’t Even Read Briefings Written in Full Sentences’

I hope the Democrats have some sense to get on board with this program and not dilly-dally in the pretend middle of the road. I have a feeling that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her kin will finally explode through any resistance regardless even that from within supposedly friendly parties.

Most likely if you use the word centrist you have no idea what that actually means. And who cares about the middle. the middle is something imaginary. The middle is wherever you want it to be. Advocating for some kind of a middle is actually a concession that the speaker does not understand the issue well enough to develop a point of view. It’s her brain trying to reconcile at all costs something that she doesn’t understand even if it isn’t reasonable. Because ambiguity is painful to the brain. It’s like someone witnessing an argument between two people, telling them both to just calm down and then finding some kind of meaningless compromise in order to stop the fight. Because surely stopping the fight is the goal, right? Surely there’s not actually something at stake, right?

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