Biden: ‘I’m not sorry for anything that I have ever done’ | TheHill

Former Vice President Joe Biden said Friday that he’s not sorry for his past actions that some women have said made them uncomfortable, but that he’s sorry he didn’t understand more at the time.

Source: Biden: ‘I’m not sorry for anything that I have ever done’ | TheHill

See, here’s one of the problems:

When someone does something awful (or what I would call “objectively awful”) the common interpretation of this event is that the subject decided she wanted to do something awful, this awful thing fit the bill, so she went and did it, knowingly committing an awful act.  But that’s a fatal misunderstanding if one were to wish to understand what is actually happening here.

Joe Biden certain wouldn’t think he did anything wrong or regrettable or else he probably wouldn’t have done it in the first place!  People usually don’t do things they think are wrong.  That why they fucking do them, stupid.  They are right in so many important ways that it’s a reasonable option to them.

So when Joe Biden says he wishes he knew better, well he can also be sorry for being so stupid at the time to have done such awful things.  But that’s not how simple-minded people think.

It’s very important to understand that when people like George W. Bush help our country invade another country and lay waste to it, dooming further generations of people to misery by the American military, they do it not with evil intentions or with evil anywhere in their mind.  They do it with the best of intentions.  Somewhere, somehow in their mind they think that what they are doing is good and right.  So think about that.  You need to understand that there’s THAT amount of delusion occurring in the world, in the minds of people with such vast power over your life, before you even BEGIN understanding anything else.

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2 replies on “Biden: ‘I’m not sorry for anything that I have ever done’ | TheHill”

It’s tough being a touchy/feely type person these days. This past week in Cali I went to walk across an intersection diagonally and a woman was in my blind spot moving perpendicularly. We bumped into one another and I instinctively touched this woman on the arm to make sure she didn’t fall over and to let her know I was genuinely sorry for bumping into her. She had a funny look on her face (I think she was a Euro tourist) but I wasn’t sure if she was shocked that I went to cross an intersection diagonally, that I bumped into her hard, or if I was making eye contact and genuinely apologizing and asking if she was OK while I touched her arm. I saw her face and then I moved on.

Biden may or may not be a creep but Trump gets a free pass from his followers on his inappropriateness. I’ll take Biden’s moral compass any day over Trumps.

I hear ya!!!! I’ve been extremely self-conscious about it, probably less so recently after thinking about it and developing an opinion on the subject, or at least it’s causing me less anxiety than it used to. 🙂 But I feel like it’s important to continue to recognize that we are human beings, animals from the jungle, and our nervous systems require a degree of physical contact with strangers for all kinds of reasons, especially in the example you gave, protocol or etiquette.

Maybe people should just make peace with . . .

  • Giving it their best shot
  • Receiving feedback gracefully
  • Processing that feedback
  • Repeat ad nauseam until the world is all peaches and butterflies (which is possible if you think about it)

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