This half-assery must end at some point, right???

You stupid, middling, pragmatic, bureaucratic, poli sci-majoring, milquetoast, intellectual hobbyists seem unable to discern what is right in front of your eyes. You prefer to gaze at spreadsheets and poll numbers and recite wellworn phrases that denote sufficient indoctrination and allegiance to the status quo and the safe and friendly center of whatever-the-fuck . . . rather than perceive what is before you, learn, and adapt to it, and then respond accordingly; for example by adopting some reasonable, sane, and humane socialist or Marxist policies for the betterment of society instead of persisting in this neoliberalist fantasyland that will never succeed, you idiots.

How about showing some spine and standing for something?! Stand up for a solid ideology or philosophy of some kind! What kind of progress do you intend to insist upon? Or do you merely wish to return to some previous state, something you could argue that would seem, oh I don’t know, conservative? Or let’s shoot for the moon and say regressive! 🙂 That’s even better!

The time has come when only bold action has any meaning at all. These relics, these over-polished know-nothings, or at least do-nothings, such as Biden and the Clintons, the supreme middle-management class, need to be retired permanently and forgotten entirely.

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By hourback

I'm a father, musical, philosophical, virtually vegan, ethical, trying to be present and mindful.

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