Perceived scarcity, manufactured crises — both grist for capitalism’s mill Shocking image emerges of migrant father and child drowned at the US-Mexico

There is no good reason for this to be happening at all.

The United States and its way of conducting business which plenty of other societies join along with create an environment in which there is artificial scarcity of resources because they have all been misallocated to the undeserving and greedy few. This business strategy also entails ensuring other countries such as those whose citizens are courageously risking their lives trying to enter the United States are impoverished and at the mercy of the winners of capitalism, those including the United States aristocracy, the United Kingdom aristocracy, and other mostly-western/white aristocracies. So the system that makes these people rich is creating an environment in these other countries which makes these people want to flee these countries and come to the United States in hopes that things will be better for them. Well surprise surprise! The United States has been rapidly becoming a dog-eat-dog wasteland so things are not so much better here than your own home unfortunately. Don’t believe what TV, Hollywood, or the marketing industry tell you. The America on screen and film is quite different from the one American citizens increasingly find themselves slogging through, seeking cheap escape at every opportunity by way of lottery tickets, alcohol, a constant IV-drip of mind-numbing television.

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