It’s official: Fuck Nancy Pelosi

Trump’s attorney general announces return of federal capital punishment after 20 years – live

The Democratic “leadership” has officially failed to function as anything remotely resembling anything that could even jokingly be regarded as an opposition party. (Opposition to what? What exactly do they oppose? Anything? Doesn’t fucking seem like it.)

Time for Bernie Sanders and Tulsi Gabbard to run on a DSA ticket and put an end to this farce of pretending there is a functional Democratic party.

It seems like the only thing you can say for sure about the Democratic party is that they are “not Republicans”. I think the thing they overlook is just because you’re “not Republicans” doesn’t mean you can’t suck really bad. Basing your identity as a political party as simply being something other than the other party is a failed concept, but Nancy Pelosi and the rest of the ignorant, stupid, blind Democratic leadership are too ignorant, old, wealthy, enriched, comfortable to understand this.

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