Why I sued Hillary Clinton today

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Tulsi Gabbard for President

friend —

In 2016, when I stepped down from my position as Vice Chair of the DNC to endorse Bernie Sanders instead of Hillary Clinton, they threatened it would be the end of my political career.

They said Hillary and her elite and powerful friends will “make sure you are destroyed.”

They failed. Hillary calling me a “Russian asset” is not only intended to smear my reputation and derail my campaign for president, it’s also intended to silence any voice that dares to speak out against the establishment status quo. Your voice.

That’s why today, I sued Hillary Clinton for defamation. Hillary Clinton’s high priced attorneys and friends in high places won’t make it easy, but we cannot let the establishment elite sideline the will of the American people. Will you stand with me today and help me hold Hillary Clinton accountable for her lies?


We tell our kids to walk away from bullies. Ignore them. But what if that bullying behavior is not just about harm to the individuals involved? What if it’s a deliberate attempt to corrupt our democracy? What if its effect is to silence and sideline the will of the American people?

You stand up. You call it out, and then you hold the bully accountable.

Hillary Clinton and her establishment friends are playing high school popularity politics instead of serving the American people.

And when a warmonger responsible for getting us into no-win wars that make our country less safe accuses me — a soldier, a veteran, a sitting member of Congress — of treason, I will defend against it.

Will you take a stand with me, friend?


In solidarity,


PO Box 75255 Kapolei HI 96707

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