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Update on Hourback.TV development

Hello! 🙂

One of the things that I broadcasted on my TV channel was a slideshow of digital, visual wallpapers that I have collected while playing music in the background. Well, some of them contained nudity which was a violation of Twitch’s policies. So I got yanked for three days.

Therefore I decided to embark on the journey of creating my own streaming server which is almost complete but I haven’t decided quite which way to go yet. Once I do I will be up and running, streaming things like I was doing before. But for now it’s sort of hit and miss. You can catch me on Twitch but the domain isn’t pointing to anything in particular at the moment. I will try to remember to post a reminder here when it does point to something meaningful. And I hope you will watch it! Goodbye for now. Thanks for watching. 🙂💜🖖

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I'm a father, musical, philosophical, virtually vegan, ethical, trying to be present and mindful.

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