Noose found in garage stall of black NASCAR driver, Bubba Wallace

Bubba Wallace is a BRAVE mofo. Good for him. 🙂 <3 And from what I can tell, NASCAR has done a perfect job with their statement in response. And whomever flew that confederate flag with the airplane? What a gargantuan jackass. Although I hope it makes people realize how entrenched and powerful this white-male-capitalist-supremacist faction of the USA is. Think about the time and effort and money and brazenness to actually fly a play with a confederate (backwater loser) flag on it. I would like someone to put a photo of the douchebags who pulled that off on the Web so they can take all the credit they deserve for such an intelligent gesture of white fucked-upedness. By the way, where are the journalists looking for the people who did that?? Are there any?? There certainly should be.

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