“Brawl in Cell Block 99”, another great movie from S. Craig Zahler

I felt like I was reliving my first and only DUI arrest incident while watching this film. That’s why I tagged this post with #PTSD. It was wonderfully shot, acted, and colored. And like Drive, with Ryan Gosling, this movie hit home with me at this point in my life. It seems like certain art latches on with me at particular moments when I need that inspiration to grow, to develop, to progress.

By the way, my first notice of S. Craig Zahler’s skills came from the movie, “Bone Tomahawk”. I highly recommend that film, but not when you want to be settled-down and relaxing. It’s a gripping, gritty tale that strikes me as being so original and fresh and horrible. 🙂 But there is some truth in it, I think, as I explained in another post.

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