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Life update for Friday, November, 2020

Well! Things have gotten more complicated. 🙂

I spent last Wednesday night in Rankin County jail for allegedly violating a restraining order. On top of that, I was slapped with a trespassing charge. And on top of all of that, it is asking that our entire divorce agreement, which was already skewed immensely in its favor, to be rewritten, including removing my legal guardianship of my children, disallowing unsupervised visitation of my kids, paying inordinately high legal fees that were whimsically incurred, and probably some other bad things.

I have a hearing on November 12. Right now that’s all I know until I speak with my new attorney.

Also, my previous counsel WITHDREW as my counsel during the hearing on Wednesday. Nice, huh? I was asked at the last minute if I allow that. What am I supposed to say at that point??? That was, if I remember correctly, mere minutes before they put the cuffs on me and escorted me to jail. I’m just grateful that I was allowed out of jail after only one night.

I met a nice woman from Region 8, the Rankin County mental health and drug treatment place, who listened earnestly to me, I felt, and gave me some good advice. It was nice to have an honest hearing with *someone* finally. And, to be fair, the judge did allow me to make a statement in court, which I was grateful for. Again, it was at the end of things and after everyone had already made up their minds about things behind closed doors. . . .

So, I’m hopefully meeting with my new counsel today to see where things stand. It is asking the court for jail time for me and at one point asked to have me COMMITTED TO A PSYCHIATRIC FACILITY.

And throughout this process, no one has questioned the baseless, slanderous charges made against me; no one has bothered to speak with my current therapist; no one has bothered to speak to anyone who knows me, despite the fact that this whole farce is centered around my character. I am basically being railroaded. And I haven’t seen my kids since around September 23, despite the fact that I have harmed no one, not just since our divorce, but prior to it.

It’s amazing what can happen to someone here without any proper defense, based on pure hearsay, without any evidence of abuse, to an otherwise law-abiding citizen.

This is what I get for bargaining in good faith for a divorce, against my attorney’s advice, trying to make things painless for HER, not myself, and in return I get to pay a huge amount of child support, based on a salary I had three years ago (talk about insane), with meager visitation of my kids. Hopefully there is such a thing as karma.

Advice to anyone going through a divorce: no matter how things might appear, no one is your friend. Don’t give an inch or they will take miles. I can now teach a master class on this subject. 🙂

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