My New Weekly Reminder to People Who Know Me to Hire Me for Jobs

Hello, folks! 🙂

I just wanted to remind you that I am about destitute and scrambling for opportunities. There is only so much Craigslist and Facebook Jobs to go around, you know!

So if you are in the market for an intelligent, personable, friendly, skilled employee, which might be a stretch, I understand, then please contact me, Ali Nabavi, anytime at +1 503 662 2284 for a conversation. I’m sure I can give you ideas you haven’t come up with before. I will guarantee that for sure. 😉

One of them is for a new cocktail lounge in the Fondren area, called Lavender Lounge. It will have 24/7 live entertainment on at least one stage and offer exquisitely crafted cocktails. There will always be a chill vibe. The style will be sort of Mad Men, art deco.

Another one is for a general purpose meeting area that caters to non-profits and small community groups. I have found a big need for this in my work with my own non-profit, Jackson Progressive Salon.

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