The Rittenhouse Verdict

Witness honest commentary, based in fact and truth. Unfortunately, this quality of dialogue or editorializing or commentary or analysis does not make it to the ears of probably 99% of people in this fucked up, TV-soaked country regardless of your educational background or uppity white privilege. So if you never get to see the world’s news presented in a format that is truthful and honest then what do you think your opinions are going to be worth? That’s right, dog shit. πŸ™‚ Turn off cable news bullshit and use your brain for once in your life.

And it’s not like the Washington Post or the New York Times are infallible. They are shields and partners with the intelligence community and those in power in this American empire and because they want their connections to be maintained they will, here and there, say the worst things possible in order to toe the line and keep up the narrative that makes things look like they’re just hunky-dory. The worst part is sometimes good journalism comes out of these places so it makes it confusing to tell which is which.

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