From: Nick Brana, People’s Party <organize>
Date: Wed, Nov 24, 2021, 4:19 PM
Subject: Strikesgiving!
To: <ali>



Striketober turned into Strikesgiving and Americans are gathering from state to state and industry to industry to hold the line. People are demanding that corporations, raking in billions in profit, pay fair wages, create safe work conditions and give better benefits for workers who keep this country’s engines running every day.

Hundreds of thousands have organized strikes across the country this fall, including food industry workers, aviation workers, teachers, auto workers, film crews, healthcare workers and teachers. They are holding the line and risking their jobs for their families.

Hundreds of People’s Party members have gathered in support of strikes in their communities and states. Just last week members of the Massachusetts People’s Party joined in solidarity with the Nurses’ Strike in Worcester.

Thousands of volunteers are working to build the People’s Party and show up to support real change in their communities. Can you contribute today to help build a major new party free of corporate influence?

Strikes like the Kaiser Nurses demand better pay, work schedules and safe work environments. Workers from HMSHost, a food service corporation that provides hospitality services at airports and highways, are rising up in cities across the country. Amazon workers in 20 countries will strike on Black Friday creating an international boycott of the shipping giant.

We all work hard and have earned representation that truly reflects our struggles. We can rise up. Each and every worker and ally that stands on a picket line proves that we can build a country and future for all of us. Can you contribute $10 today to help the People’s Party support direct actions across this country?

Every time our representatives bend to corporate parties and donors while ignoring the needs and mandates of the American people, more Americans are inspired to direct actions and more voters exit the Democrat and Republican parties.

Together we are building a major new party free of corporate influence that is fighting for worker rights, benefits, a living wage, growth of unions, jobs training, tuition free college and opportunities for every American to not only succeed but work with dignity and provide for their families.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your loved ones,

Nick Brana

National Chair

People’s Party

Support our movement!
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