Do you understand the meaning of “-phobia”? That means fear. Well, I don’t think the world is literally *scared* of transsexuals. Maybe you need to pick a different label to affix on people you dislike. And what about “homophobia”? Fear of homosexuals? Is that what the accusation is? People have become so stupid that they misuse words liberally and they eventually become canon. I think people who murder homosexuals might do so for various reasons. Some might even fear them, but I’m guessing that most homosexual-murdering people aren’t too SCARED of homosexuals. Just a guess!!!

In any case, I don’t think Dave Chappelle has demonstrated any fear of transsexuals. That is a stupid, groundless accusation, based even only on the words in use. Going beyond that, I would say that anyone who gives a shit what David Chappelle has to say about transsexuals is probably someone who really wants to fuck David Chappelle. Otherwise, who cares what he thinks???

And if you want to talk about what he actually thinks about transsexuals, or, rather, what he has *said* about them, then why don’t you ever quote what he has said about them? You don’t. Because there is nothing to quote. So shut the fuck up and sit down and be special on your own time.

And who writes these articles anyway??? It’s as if they are produced in a factory with a quota and a mission. Is this news? What are you trying to facilitate here?

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