Switching from Google Fi to Mint Mobile

Well, I regret it. But I had to do it.

When I ran out of unlimited data on Google Fi they would throttle it down to 2G speeds. That seemed torturous. I decided to try Mint Mobile. I pay much less but I was notified that my Google one storage had exceeded its capacity. That meant that I couldn’t send email, I couldn’t receive email, I couldn’t back up my photos and documents, all kinds of things broke; basically I didn’t realize how much stuff was tied to my Google Fi account and what the consequences of leaving Google Fi would be.

So now I’m on Mint Mobile. For one thing, tethering has data limits. Google Fi did not seem to have limits like that. I need tethering because I do not have an Internet connection at home. Also, the throttled speeds seem worse than Google Fi’s 2G speeds, which means that my Internet connection is usually horrible, much worse than on Google Fi, which was already horrendous.

Is there a provider that doesn’t suck? Probably not. So I guess I’m looking for the one that sucks the least.

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