Word-swapping & being better off with no news than commercial “news”

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Source: Vitals – July 15, 2019 – Axios

So, look at this paragraph:

Biden’s proposal is more ambitious than anything that was seriously on the table during the ACA debate, but looks decidedly moderate compared to Bernie Sanders’ plan — which is significantly more ambitious than almost any other health care system in the world.

It appears to me that the corporate-owned/corporate-controlled media have elected to swap out the word “worse” for “moderate”, and “better” for “ambitious”.  And I think the reason why they did that is because the de-facto tendency for corporate/conservative/status-quo/commercial media is to make it look like, “Gosh, it’s just too hard to do good things.  :-/ Sorry!  I mean, we just tried to do something good and that didn’t work, but now you want to do something *really* good?  How do you think *that* will turn out?  :-/  Yeah.  Now I’m really worried.  Let’s not do that.  That’s just too hard.  It might not work.”

Well, that’s weak.  🙂  And it seems like propaganda and not educational discourse.  So have fun reading your Axios and feeling like you are more aware than you were before you read it.  You were probably more correct in your thinking prior to reading it.  Remember the news that Fox News viewers were actually less informed than those who watch *none* of that garbage, commercial, cable-TV, non-local news.


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Sex & White Male Capitalist Supremacy

One of the most tragic consequences of the way we have chosen to structure our stupid society is that sex between a man and a woman has largely been reduced to be merely a financial transaction, a commodity, and that is because white male capitalist supremacists are too greedy and stupid to conceive of a world in which things don’t have price tags. It seems to baffle them. So instead of sex being a fun, social, exquisite, delightful pleasure that we experience freely and in abundance (even if it’s with the same person within a monogamous relationship, by the way — I’m not talking about “sex planet” here) it becomes something else, something less, something cheap, used for leverage, for personal gain, for power, for social standing, even just to put food on the table, which might be the saddest thing of all.

Well, I would encourage people to think differently about things and instead seek to frolic freely with the opposite sex at every opportunity. Go with your gut! Follow your bliss! You know you want to. Because at some point either men will need to stop paying for sex or women will need to stop asking for compensation for it. Who will make the first move? Maybe both? Well, let’s get with it, shall we??? :-))))))))))

Lesson learned: When challenged, even black Democrats take on fascistic characteristics

The Hill: New York Democrat on Ocasio-Cortez, other progressives: ‘Primaries go two

Yes, let’s pick more fights. Let’s use more violent language to substitute for rational civic discourse.

I think being in the same place for eleven terms has made this person very content to keep things as they are and he will obviously resort to abuse, at least verbal, in order to maintain the status quo.

Also, I’m willing to bet money that someone who speaks like this in public would not hesitate to physically abuse women and children — the least powerful in our society — as well.

That sounds like a conservative to me, i.e., someone who does not value progress and action. Step up and either act like a true liberal Democrat is supposed to act or have the courage to switch parties, unless you don’t think you could win an election that way.

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