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It’s important that we understand what actually goes into making a free, vibrant democracy or else we won’t know how to preserve it and help it flourish. Simply accepting that things are the way they are and they will continue to be that way forever is foolish and childish. It’s important to see that things are always at risk of destruction. Nothing is predetermined. Nothing is permanent. We must strive to preserve what is best about ourselves and to nurture and create more goodness or else other things will spring up as weeds in the garden. Another way of putting it is if you are not part of the solution you’re part of the problem. If you can’t look at your life and see ways that you are actively promoting goodness in the world then you are actually promoting and facilitating negativity.

Britney Spears STONED acting strange UNCUT VERSION (www.whiteteeth.likes.it)

I have no idea if she’s stoned; that’s what some idiot decided to label the video with. I just like this because it shows an over-produced, totally made-up person — Britney Spears — acting somewhat normally.

PR is ruining the planet. Marketing professionals should be hanged just like Saddam Hussein.

I still can’t believe they actually executed him. Or maybe “we” executed him. It was his own country and he could run it however he wanted to. If he wanted to gas some people then fine. Plus, if they were part of a group that attempted to kill him then even more fine. The thing that is tragic to me is that here is this large figure, Hussein, and he was sitting pretty with much US assistance and friendliness, did what he wanted to do, ruthlessly exercised and retained his power in such a place for so long, and island in the middle east. Next thing you know, the loony bin opens up its doors in the US and Fucking Hick gets elected and brings some of his anachronistic, dinosaur friends into government with him. I should say, the people who choreographed Fucking Hick’s presidential pursuits put the anachronistic, dinosaurs back into government. It’s not like Fucking Hick was all over the map organizing and plotting. Anyway, so the loony bin opens up its doors and now nothing can stop the unilateral imperialism of the “democratic” United States. The US does what the Iraqi people could not do which is destroy Iraq’s infrastructure and disrupt the power system in that country. Now Hussein goes to hide in a hole, so they say. The Kurds, apparently, find him, turn him over the the US, the US parades him around, puts him in a cell and then — here comes the tragic part — turns him over to the puny, corrupt people who Hussein was careful to subvert during his rule. So here comes the big bad US, destroys the establishment in Iraq and then throws the vulnerable, formerly invincible Hussein to those who have no grasp of what is going on around them. What I’m saying is, it’s sad and tragic when Godzilla dies because he tripped and fell rather than being blown apart by some nuke or freakishly large clam or something. The people who killed Saddam Hussein are not worthy of such an act. They couldn’t do it when he was in power, they had to wait until he was brought down by Goliath and then they scavenged the corpse.

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