The Tao And The Vague Path!

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The Tao And The Vague Path!

Seeking No Audience – Unlike Almost All Else – This is Taoism and Tao = Path, But What Is It Good For?

Common misconceptions about Taoism and The Mystery of the Ancient Taoist only deepen as so little of the ancient texts are successfully translated for the world to see, BUT… Ironic is the fact that so much of the little translated and little interpreted of the Ancient texts are translated by academics who have not walked the Tao-Path to begin with, also for many who truly walk this walk will hardly profess to doing so in the first place.


First we must move past a misguided assumption that the spirituality of the Eastern World is far more spiritual than that of the Western World. This misconception is cleared if and when we get past this ‘wall of the vague sense’ that comes from so…

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The Off-Track Mentality | Beck Diet Program

This article offers some insight and assistance in finding your way back when you find yourself off your desired path.

This week, Lauren told me that she has felt very off track the last few days. She said that controlling her eating has just felt really hard, and she’s not sure it’s worth it. I discussed with Lauren something I know to be true for myself and virtually all my dieters: that the “Is it worth it?” question is just a product of the off-track mentality. I reminded Lauren that when she’s feeling very on track, feeling very much in control, and feeling like she’s making choices that are good for her, she never questions whether or not it’s worth it because it just so obviously is. It’s only when she’s off track and struggling that she starts to question whether she should put forth the effort to stay on track.

Endomondo vs. Polar

I reluctantly resigned myself to paying for a premium subscription to Endomondo for tracking my workouts with my Polar H7 heart monitor.  Really wanted to use Polar’s Android apps (Beat and Flow)!!  And I tried all kinds of things.  But for getting data to My Fitness Pal and Google Fit — basically anything other than Polar Flow — Endomondo was the clear winner.  And the only reason why I paid for the premium subscription is so that I could see historical data about my workouts.

Polar, if you’re going to have your own software, which it seems like you want to do despite having significant problems with stability and reliability, I suggest that you shore up the quality of your systems and software development practices.  Otherwise, just stick to hardware and leave the software up to others.

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