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JFK Revisited: Through the Looking Glass – Wikipedia

I plan on streaming this and Django Unchained on ad nauseam when I finally get things going again.

Just the first 10 or 15 minutes of this film is enough to wake up the viewer. Every single person who casts a vote in this country should be forced to watch this and weigh in with an opinion. Unfortunately, simply viewing something doesn’t demonstrate the viewer’s capacity or will to accept it as discernible fact.

How do you feel living in a country where your government executes people who want to create a better society for everybody, and not just old, rich, white people? Are you foolish enough to think that this wouldn’t happen again today? It happened to Bernie Sanders. It happened to Julian Assange. It happened to Edward Snowden. People who tell the truth and want to improve things in this country are apparently considered to be expendable and a vulnerability, in fact.

And Barack Obama is probably the anti Kennedy. What a failure and complete corruption of a person he is and exemplifies. It’s all smiles and glimmer. No depth, no truth, no justice. What a fucking shame. I think we’re still waiting for our first black president.

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Apparently, I must add to my list of soul brothers, Matthew McConaughey.

I will post a list of soul brothers on my blog or website shortly. I probably will include. . . .

  • Joe Rogan
  • Aldous Huxley
  • Noam Chomskey
  • John Lennon
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Check out Hourback.TV! It’s da shiznit! Diddentit?

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I’m afraid I must insist on staying on this planet until I find somebody who loves me the way I want to be loved!!!!!! :-) <3

My Presidential Candidacy

Some of My Qualifications for Being President

  • I’ve worked a variety of jobs, from blue-collar hotel demolition to white-collar IT, the ivory towers of higher ed, small business, women-owned business, mall retail. . . .
  • I have a diverse genetic and cultural background, which seems to be important to some people. My father was from Iran and my mother was from Alabama. They met as public employees in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where my father was a public health M.D. and my mother was a school teacher.
  • I believe in the Constitution of the United States of America and that we should start observing it and growing it rather than urinating on it with petty words and nods, trying to make it say what rich Whitey wants it to say.
  • I strive to tell the truth in every word that comes out of my mouth. I welcome correction and enjoy conversing with people who think and use their brain.
  • I believe that there is a wonderful society for us to enjoy if we were only to unite in imagination and decide what our common goals are and then strive mightily for them. The first step is to say what you want your world to look like. This simple process eludes us for various reasons but I will not waver from asking the question and proposing answers to it; What do we want our world to be like? What do we need to do to get there? All we need is a plan and a will. Fortunately, most of the work has been done for us as stated in our Constitution and the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights.
  • While “white” I have also been an outsider in our society because of my philosophical beliefs from an early age. I understand the plight of those who do not conform to the norm that society proposes. I relate to those who are ashamed for various reasons of being who they really are, in public, in daylight, which is our right as human beings.
  • I have experienced grave loss, being the only survivor of my nuclear family at the age of forty-nine, and understand how important it is for us to be connected and be a community above all else. We progress or perish together, as has been evidenced repeatedly ad nauseum.

I might have more to say later. 🙂

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Ali J. Nabavi for President!!!

Yes, folks, I have officially decided that I want to run for president of the United States. 🙂 I’m sure many of you are relieved. The guessing is over!!! The answer is, “YES! He’s really running for president!!!”

I am ready to devote myself, to sacrifice myself in the interest of our nation. If it will help relieve the suffering that people encounter every day, from the moment they open their eyes in the morning, I will sacrifice myself.

I will keep this short and sweet, but I mean it. 🙂 Please let me know if you will support me in bringing this nation up to where it should be.