A good list of yoga mats

Man! Seems like there are a lot of good yoga mats out there. Decisions, decisions.

Since moving to Portland, Oregon, from Jackson, Mississippi, several weeks ago, I’ve started eyeing yoga opportunities around town. I’ve seen at least a couple yoga studios that do live yoga classes and I’ve joined two yoga Meetup groups. So, I need a mat! I had a great couple mats in my old life but I had to leave them behind after my bitter ex-wife chased me out of town. 😀

I was glad to see that so many mats are eco-friendly. They mostly seem high-quality also, durable. I guess it comes down to which ones feel the best to that particular person. So you just have to try some out and see which one you like the most. Since I am on a super-tight budget right now I will go for the cheapest good mat.

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Gladiator (2000)

If you utilize your ability to skip past vast amounts of useless exposition (at least) I think you’ll find Gladiator to be a reliable view this year.

It seems to be a timely piece, depicting principled individuals speaking truth to power, power both amoral, unethical, disjointed, disorganized, unreasonable, illogical, unenlightened, dishonorable, delusional, and corrupt . . . among other things.

But anyway! I do think this is a useful watch for getting your brain ready for what’s necessary in the next stage of our national/global development if we are to survive as a species. Watch closely, learn your lessons well, and practice in your own life.

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The Rental – Wikipedia

The critical reception to this movie indicates that this culture no longer has the ability to properly assess what it perceives through its own eyeballs. This is one of the worst pieces of garbage I’ve ever watched.

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