I actually read this cloddish hit-piece on Jon Stewart by some jerk from The Atlantic. 🤢 ðŸ¤®

Jim Carrey on Will Smith’s ignorant, primitive display at the Oscars

I must say that I agree with Jim Carrey.

That act represents the death of civility in the United States of America. Unless Will Smith is psychotic, which I’m guessing he’s not. And not just his act but the response to his act, which was mostly nothing significant, represents the death of civility.

I was talking with a friend recently and I mentioned the concept of “fighting words”. Like, “Them’s fightin’ words, Jeb! <spit>”. Well, the last time I checked, there are parts of our semi-retarded nation that uphold the law that if you are spoken to in a certain way then you are permitted to physically assault the speaker. Well isn’t that just so precious!!! It basically enshrines the idea that if your ego is damaged (because you failed to keep it healthy) then whatever happens next is okay.

Which is sort of like where we are with “cancel culture”. People’s feelings get hurt and now there’s a problem. Well, consider yourself lucky if hurt feelings is the worst things that happens to you this year, kid. 🙂 Good luck avoiding all negative energy in the universe!

My solution is to just do your own thing, keep looking forward, onward & upward, and know who you are. And also know that you can’t control anything about what someone else thinks about you so stop wasting time and energy on being concerned about it.


Do you understand the meaning of “-phobia”? That means fear. Well, I don’t think the world is literally *scared* of transsexuals. Maybe you need to pick a different label to affix on people you dislike. And what about “homophobia”? Fear of homosexuals? Is that what the accusation is? People have become so stupid that they misuse words liberally and they eventually become canon. I think people who murder homosexuals might do so for various reasons. Some might even fear them, but I’m guessing that most homosexual-murdering people aren’t too SCARED of homosexuals. Just a guess!!!

In any case, I don’t think Dave Chappelle has demonstrated any fear of transsexuals. That is a stupid, groundless accusation, based even only on the words in use. Going beyond that, I would say that anyone who gives a shit what David Chappelle has to say about transsexuals is probably someone who really wants to fuck David Chappelle. Otherwise, who cares what he thinks???

And if you want to talk about what he actually thinks about transsexuals, or, rather, what he has *said* about them, then why don’t you ever quote what he has said about them? You don’t. Because there is nothing to quote. So shut the fuck up and sit down and be special on your own time.

And who writes these articles anyway??? It’s as if they are produced in a factory with a quota and a mission. Is this news? What are you trying to facilitate here?

JFK Revisited: Through the Looking Glass – Wikipedia

I plan on streaming this and Django Unchained on hourback.tv ad nauseam when I finally get things going again.

Just the first 10 or 15 minutes of this film is enough to wake up the viewer. Every single person who casts a vote in this country should be forced to watch this and weigh in with an opinion. Unfortunately, simply viewing something doesn’t demonstrate the viewer’s capacity or will to accept it as discernible fact.

How do you feel living in a country where your government executes people who want to create a better society for everybody, and not just old, rich, white people? Are you foolish enough to think that this wouldn’t happen again today? It happened to Bernie Sanders. It happened to Julian Assange. It happened to Edward Snowden. People who tell the truth and want to improve things in this country are apparently considered to be expendable and a vulnerability, in fact.

And Barack Obama is probably the anti Kennedy. What a failure and complete corruption of a person he is and exemplifies. It’s all smiles and glimmer. No depth, no truth, no justice. What a fucking shame. I think we’re still waiting for our first black president.

Listen to me try to get the Rankin County sheriff’s office to check on my little boys’ welfare

And sadly my request was denied. 🙂🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

I officially have zero rights to my children thanks to Mississippi family law and my ex-wife.

I haven’t spoken with my children in over a year. I haven’t seen pictures of them since I last saw them. I have heard no peep from their mother or her mother. They are 100% blasting at conforming to silence. What a nice environment for children.

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