Florida teen brutally beats classmate he thought was gay because of unusual hobbies

A Florida teen was charged with a misdemeanor for breaking a classmate’s nose and damaging his eye socket because he thought the boy was gay for having unusual hobbies. Jaiden Muniz-Walls doesn’t identify as gay, but he said another teen has targeted him for hateful abuse since the 15-year-old started attending Pensacola Catholic High School five weeks ago, reported the Pensacola News Journal. “I feel like since we moved here, everyone looked at me like,…

Source: Florida teen brutally beats classmate he thought was gay because of unusual hobbies

Everyone’s busy at home while daddy’s out working

Check out @BuzzFeedNews’s Tweet: https://twitter.com/BuzzFeedNews/status/1052165453211201537?s=09

We here in the United States of America have absolutely no idea what our savage, warmongering, greedy, capitalist, power-hungry, soulless, war-machine, corporate government is doing to the rest of the world. No idea whatsoever.

Obviously, literally, some people do have an idea but I was trying to make a point. 🙂👍🕊️💜🌍🌌👽👾

Here’s why this ex-Republican left the party – and now thinks the GOP needs to be reduced to smoldering rubble


I sincerely and greatly commend Max Boot and others like him for being so philosophically courageous as to face this situation honestly and follow the truth wherever it led them, regardless of how painful, isolating, disorienting, and lonely it might have been. They set a crucial example for others regardless of their political or social beliefs.

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