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The IT establishment has obviously dropped the ball. :-) Now what. Huh?

We’ve allowed ourselves to slowly pour into the mold our lives, our feelings, our daily goings-on. What do we get in return? Let’s delve into this. 🙂

[This is a work in progress. Check back later, if you want, for the fuller sentiment.]


My post on LinkedIn looking for an elegant Ansible alternative

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How is Windows OS able to fail in this way in this late year?

Do you see the problem with this, folks? And this is coming from one of the dominant software companies in the world, at least for working people. It’s painful. It’s inelegant. And I can see how years of being forced to use such fail-based software could lead to giving up on life itself. It’s a series of tiny little miseries that accumulate and compile upon themselves until you are disgusted by the thought of using computers anymore.

Is this a Microsoft problem? Maybe. Definitely, actually, but there are clues that this type of infection can occur in anyplace. Stagnation, profit-motive, steady-as-she-goes. . . . The reasons are endless. But it ends up with one result: pain.