Firefox Monitor found your email in a new data breach.


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Report Date: July 14, 2019

Email Address:

Your information was discovered in a new data breach.

You’re signed up to receive Firefox Monitor alerts when your email appears in a data breach. Here’s what we know about this breach.

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Breach added:July 14, 2019

Compromised accounts:100,985,047

Compromised data:Passwords, Phone numbers

Breach data provided by Have I Been Pwned
Frequently Asked Questions
I don’t recognize this company or website. Why am I in this breach?
Why did it take so long to notify me of this breach?
How do I know this is a legitimate email from Firefox Monitor?
What to do after a data breach:
1 Change your password to a strong, unique password.

A strong password uses a combination of upper and lowercase letters, special characters, and numbers. It doesn’t contain personal info like your address, birthday, or family names.

2 Stop using that exposed password entirely.

Cyber criminals could find your password on the dark web and use it to log in to your other accounts. The best way to protect your accounts is to use unique passwords for each one.

3 Get help creating better passwords and keeping them safe.

Use a password manager to create strong, unique passwords. Password managers securely store all your logins so you can access them across all your devices.

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