Watch “Dallas Police body cameras show moment Tony Timpa stopped breathing” on YouTube

America’s finest at their best apparently.

These glorified security guards should not even be involved in a situation like this. They offer no medical assistance. They put him in further physical and psychological distress. They can say “it’s going to be okay” as many times as they want while they act to the contrary.

And they administer a sedative to someone in that condition?? And when did they check his vital signs?

Apparently these idiots who killed this man were only charged with misdemeanors at some point and the charges were dropped. I think the important thing to note is that this kind of behavior is considered legal. If that’s the case then it needs to be considered illegal. How does that happen? The solution in many of these cases is not finding loopholes through which to indict these poorly trained, ignorant police officers but rather to enhance the guidelines under which they operate and ensure that unethical, unwise, and immoral behavior is treated as being illegal.

The whole “just following orders” excuse is getting really, really old, and not just in policing but in all aspects of our culture.

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