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Joe Biden, scumbag, lech, warmonger, corrupt politician, creep, groper, entitled white bread honkey.  :-)

2018 Mid-Term Society

DeSoto County voter wearing T-shirt with Confederate flag and noose identified

2018-11-08 @ 19:54

And now he’s fired. 🙂


Trophy-Killing Utah Wildlife Commissioner Murders Family of Baboons and Then Brags About it Afterward

Idaho wildlife official urged to resign over photo of baboon family he killed from news

What a goddamn idiot.

It reminds me of the time I was listening to a story on This American Life and this grown man was brought to tears by his trying to impart vehemently the wisdom that by killing the rhinos as he’d done during his trips to Africa it was he and those like him and not the Liberals and Greenpeace et al. who were actually the ones saving the animals from extinction. 😐 Alright. 👍


Another more timely strike against Mississippi

Key report confirms Mississippi losing millennials faster than any other state from mississippi

Feels like it! 😐 One more reason to GTFO.

And “Governor” Phil Bryant is a buffoon. Denial & ignorance (best case) and actively looting your historically suppressed constituency (worst case) are both very grave errors/crimes/sins/mistakes/acts/choices in an actual democracy. I’m hoping for massive amounts of cosmic justice, whether I’m privileged enough to witness it or not. 🙂🕊️♥️🕉️☸️🌍🌌🐢🦄