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More fun in the car while it’s raining

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Better World Club – Roadside Assistance, Insurance and Travel

Better World Club Roadside Assistance Insurance and Travel

Source: Better World Club – Roadside Assistance, Insurance and Travel

I love Better World Club and have been a member for years.  I strongly encourage you to take a look at supporting them so they may support you and the rest of the planet when you need it.

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Tesla Wraps Up Worst Week Since 2016 as Musk Sows Fresh Doubts – Bloomberg

I think Elon Musk needs to have a serious multi-day confab with Arianna Huffington, in a very calm, serene location.

Mr. Musk, please, on behalf of the world, I ask you to do this or something similar. 🙂 This is workable! 🕉️☸️


Thoughts about a more emotive automobile experience