Tesla Wraps Up Worst Week Since 2016 as Musk Sows Fresh Doubts – Bloomberg

I think Elon Musk needs to have a serious multi-day confab with Arianna Huffington, in a very calm, serene location.

Mr. Musk, please, on behalf of the world, I ask you to do this or something similar. 🙂 This is workable! 🕉️☸️


Citizen, it is your responsibility and duty to educate yourself


Now don’t get me wrong! There should be a public education system that is stellar in every regard. But it is incumbent upon each of us (or at least those of us who want to be able to vote, or make any decisions in the public sphere) to ensure that we have a torrent of diverse information constantly flowing into our brains with which we can make decisions, compare and contrast, reach conclusions, ponder, meditate, etc., resulting in a nuanced, intelligent, wise, well-informed, reasonable, citizen of the world.

And like I said earlier this might not be for everyone. Maybe some people don’t want to put forth the effort or care or attention into doing this for themselves. In that case I would politely request that you refrain from doing anything that would affect anyone else on the planet and get used to accepting the guidance of those who do care to accept this responsibility.

How does that sound?

Climate Change

The root of the problem, if you care or are otherwise interested

Check out @profwolff’s Tweet:

This references an article I wrote about previously:

Losing Earth: The Decade We Almost Stopped Climate Change – The New York Times

As Mr. Wolff points out, the New York Times continues its seemingly proud tradition, one it shares with plenty of other purveyors of truth, of stopping short of assigning blame where it is due and responsibly questioning the premises of this situation.


Alex Jones Harasses Bernie Sanders At LAX & Then Gets Schooled By Random Dude – YouTube

This is an amazing moment of truth! Captured on video!

I was going to say a lot of other stuff but I’m trying to stay positive. 🙂🕊️🌍🌌🖖