‘She was paid by the Democrats’: Trump fans on Ford and Kavanaugh

‘She was paid by the Democrats’: Trump fans on Ford and Kavanaugh


This is the height of delusion, ignorance, miseducation, and illogic. I started putting together an annotated response but I gave up. 🙂😐😭

But then I remembered that we all have the power to make big decisions every day with what we do with our lives and our time and our energy and it does us no good to focus on these black holes of negativism among us. Let’s choose instead to imagine a better present for ourselves and make it happen in whatever way we can right this moment, because this moment is really all we have.

So what’s the best thing you can do right now?

Check out @shaunking’s Tweet: https://twitter.com/shaunking/status/1035265862478032896?s=09

Two things that continue to be very broken in this country: our voting system and our puritanical, anachronistic, twisted justice system.

Another more timely strike against Mississippi

Feels like it! 😐 One more reason to GTFO.

And “Governor” Phil Bryant is a buffoon. Denial & ignorance (best case) and actively looting your historically suppressed constituency (worst case) are both very grave errors/crimes/sins/mistakes/acts/choices in an actual democracy. I’m hoping for massive amounts of cosmic justice, whether I’m privileged enough to witness it or not. 🙂🕊️♥️🕉️☸️🌍🌌🐢🦄

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