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Jim Acosta is a liar.  :-)

Why would anyone waste her time listening to a single word out of the mouth of this type of person? And these are the people that our nation’s pathetic corporate media organizations prop up and throw at us in an attempt to demonstrate that they have important information to tell us.

If you get your ideas of what the world is like from corporate, commercial media you should be very concerned about your sense of reality. It has likely been hijacked long ago. You might want to get a handle on it again unless you want to end up in a worse situation than you are in right now. Because it will get worse. 🙂

Go on a walk!!! Call a friend! Read a book written by someone hundreds of years ago! Talk to people you meet in the course of your day. Meet new people. Get out of your house. Go live life.

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(162) Reagan Official Says Cut Military Spending! Panel SCREAMS! – YouTube

So, so, so, bizarre. 🙂 Probably 90% of what you hear today will be bullshit. Just keep that in mind. Bullshit produced by people who choose not to think and use their brain.

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Watch “Dumbest Thing Ever Said On Meet The Press!” on YouTube

People are so obviously stupid. On national television! And they are paid lots of money for it! Nice, USA, Inc. 🙂👍 Towering success. Great job.


More mainstream media failure, explained for your convenience.

Stop watching this shit, people!  Man. . . .  You could be putting facts and wisdom in your head instead of this junk.


Watch “Tulsi Shuts Down MSNBC Host Mid-Smear” on YouTube

Media hypocrisy and stupidity.

MSNBC is a smelly barn filled with fools.

2020 Politics

Democratic Debate Notes by Jimmy Dore

  • Tim Ryan is an ignorant liar
  • Jake Tapper is a fake journalist working for a fake, corporate-sponsored “news” outlet
  • Delaney (???) is a useless hack
  • People such as Sanders and Warren, people with conviction and ideas and courage, conspicuously tower above this babbling fraternity of indoctrinated, beholden, well-compensated, compromised nitwits