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Russell Brand describes more COVID lies and secrecy from the wicked, ignorant establishment.

Why anyone would continue to believe ANYTHING that the government or medical establishment says without significant corroborating evidence escapes me. They continually lie, change their story, rewrite history, bury evidence, attempt to discredit critics rather than engage them with counter-arguments. . . .

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Paid propagandist and agitant writes explosive diatribe as instructed!

Jesus Christ! “Opinion” is right!

The New York Post should be embarrassed that that opinion piece made it onto its website. What are the standards now? Just be able to vent sufficiently?

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Parliament has used its legal powers to seize internal Facebook documents in an extraordinary attempt to hold the US social media giant to account after chief executive Mark Zuckerberg repeatedly refused to answer MPs’ questions. from worldnews

Good on ye, Parliament!! ✊