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NEWS FLASH: Further evidence that age diminishes the sense of principled behavior in human beings.

I’m pretty sure if you were to replace the word “youth” with “principled voters” throughout the article, it would be a more realistic telling of the story that took place here.

Fuck you, elder America! 🙂 You had your chance, and here we are. The age of pragmatic politics is over, one way (species collapse) or another (enlightenment). Get the fuck out of the way, you fucking morons.

2020 America Politics

Yeah. Clearly this is about the candidate and not simply name recognition and marketing.

Joe Biden is in rapid cognitive decline, and the Democratic establishment is hoping enough people won’t notice until after the primary. Let’s change that. Show this video to your parents and grandparents. from OurPresident


More bizarreness at Danny’s, a strip club in Jackson, Mississippi, The South, USA